• Registration and sign in to DevMoodle (other organizations)

    Sign in to DevMoodle can be done with Microsoft account. Use your organzation O365 account to sign in. 

    If you don't have any O365 in your organization, you can use your personal Microsoft account. Make sure that all information is correct (your name etc.)

    You can also create own Moodle account from the log in page. 

    Tip: close your browser also after you have logged out from Moodle.

    • Entering account information

      3. Enter your school email address. NB! your O365 username and password might not be the same so check what is your email address. After that your you will be automatically guided to your school organization's O365 sign in page. Enter your password. 

      If your home organization doesn't use O365, you can use your personal Microsoft account instead.

      4. Next Moodle informs what kind of permission it needs from your account. Press Yes or Accept if you want to use Moodle. 

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