• Registration and sign in to DevMoodle (other organizations)

    Sign in to DevMoodle can be done with Microsoft account. Use your organzation O365 account to sign in. 

    If you don't have any O365 in your organization, you can use your personal Microsoft account. Make sure that all information is correct (your name etc.)

    You can also create own Moodle account from the log in page. 

    Tip: close your browser also after you have logged out from Moodle.

    • Problems with log in

      8. If you get following message when you are logging in with Microsoft account, please do following steps:

      Option A: Press Continue (Jatka) button, choose Microsoft link again and wait a second. If it still doesn't work select press again Continue (Jatka) button, select Microsoft link and press Use another account (Käytä toista tiliä).  Enter your email and password again.

      Option B: Clear your browsing data, close your browser and log in to Moodle again. 

      Option C: Use another browser (gg. Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Opera etc.)

      Tip: when you log out from Moodle, close your browser also.

      Registration confirmed